RKM Crane Services embraces the “Team Work” concept in all our operations, whether it is in the internal administration of our company, or the execution of our project and maintenance work.

We believe that the combination of people with specific expertise, different experiences, energies and individual commitments into a team will result in decisions and actions, which will truly be for the benefit of all stakeholders.

The main operating departments of RKM Crane Services are:

General Manger: Matthew Blackwell is the manager of the group and sets overall strategy for the company

Vancouver Island Operations: Mike Margetts is the manager of the Vancouver Island Operations and has the overall responsibility for that crane division.

Lower Mainland Operations: Drew Ferris is the manager of the Lower Mainland Operations and has the overall responsibility for that crane division.

Kamloops Operations: Jordan Foster is the manager of the Kamloops Operations and has the overall responsibility for that crane division.

Safety: The Health, Safety and Environmental Manager, Kyle Dowse is responsible for the implementation and maintenance of the corporate Safety Policy. This includes updating of the company Safety Manual to reflect the latest safety laws and regulations, in harmonization with our customers’ safety programs.

Finance and Administration: Devin Asselstine is the manager of this department, with responsibility for accounting, payroll, accounts payable, office administrative staff, EDP and IT system requirements.

Estimating: Matt Blackwell, Drew Ferris, Mike Margetts and Jordan Foster are responsible for crane rental proposals and working with customers to help manage their projects and ensure that the equipment being supplied meets the project’s QA requirements.

Project and Maintenance Services: Management (listed below) is responsible for overseeing all crane activities for the company. They are responsible for assisting the customer with equipment selection, estimating, scheduling, scope development, project administration and working with the clients to provide them the best overall support for their needs.

Management Team

  • Matt Blackwell: General Manager
  • Mike Margetts: Operations Manager, Chemainus
  • Drew Ferris: Operations Manager, Lower Mainland
  • Jordan Foster: Operations Manager, Kamloops
  • Devin Asselstine: Controller
  • Kyle Dowse: Health, Safety and Environmental Manager